EXCLUSIVE: My life in a secretive religious sect and how I escaped from the whisky drinking multi-millionaire leader who claims he’s the Holy Spirit, banned me from my family and said I was possessed by Satan

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Lindy Jacomb lived in one of the world’s most secretive and controlling sects run by a multi-millionaire leader in Sydney, until she was accused of being possessed by demons and banished.

For 20 years she belonged to a group who call themselves the Exclusive Brethren, renowned for its strict doctrine of isolation, its rejection of the modern world and its tyrannical rules for women.

The sect’s oppressive regime meant Lindy couldn’t watch TV, listen to radio or music, eat or socialise with outsiders, own a pet, play sport, go on holiday, or attend university.

She had to dress particularly modestly, covering her head and never wearing trousers or shorts.

She couldn’t have a career, work in a job that was superior to a man, or have romances unless they were approved by the sect.

And as Lindy would learn, the sect’s severe punishment and ex-communication of  anyone who questioned its leader or his doctrine – a process known as ‘shunning’ –  was like being killed off.

Leaving the sect to become a hated ‘Opposer’ or ‘Apostate’ meant all traces of Lindy would be removed from her family’s home. She also risked being the subject of ‘death prayers’ when faithful Brethren would ask for her ‘removal from Earth’.

Lindy said that her brother told her she had a ‘demon inside her’ when she bravely told her family that the sect was a ‘sham’.

‘I told them I wasn’t mental, and that I wasn’t a Satanist,’ Lindy said, ‘ we are taught that anyone who leaves loses their salvation and is going to Hell.

‘My parents said if I didn’t “believe in Mr Bruce” I didn’t belong there, it was like committing suicide.’

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