EXCLUSIVE: Final guests arrive for 2023’s most amazing birthday party as Japanese billionaire splashes out to hire entire Sicilian city for four-day bash to celebrate turning 73

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Final guests have arrived for a birthday bash dubbed the party of the year after a Japanese billionaire splashed out more than £300,000 to hire an Italian city.

Kaoru Nakajima has block booked the finest hotels in Palermo, on the island of Sicily, as well as two theatres for a gala concert and dinner on Sunday for the four-day event.

Excited guests who have been flown business class from Japan by him, excitedly posed for selfies as they made their way to Palermo on connecting flights.

As he posed on the tarmac with pals, one guest Naohiko Takagi, told MailOnline:’ We have been looking forward to this event for days.

‘Mr Nakajima is a very generous boss and he has paid for more than 1,000 employees to come to Sicily to celebrate his 73rd birthday on Sunday.

‘I’ve never been here before and we hope to see lots of the city and surrounding area – we are so excited.’

Others gave thumbs up as they stood by stairs taking them to the plane and made video calls to pals back in Japan.

Mr Nakajima, made his fortune after selling his stake in multi-level marketing firm AmWay, and then starting up his own MLM companies.

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