Emotional funeral for family of Kenya cult victims

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STORY: The bodies of more than 400 members of the Good News International Church were found and exhumed from the Shakahola forest in southeastern Kenya last year, in one of the world’s worst cult-related tragedies of recent decades.

Only 35 bodies have been conclusively identified so far, adding to the anguish of hundreds of families waiting to lay their loved ones to rest.

Speaking at the funeral, Amina Mnyazi, a Member of Parliament representing Malindi, expressed anger at the authorities for the slow progress.

Officials have said the process of handing over the bodies was taking a long time because of exhumation, post-mortem and identification procedures. DNA testing has been used to identify some badly damaged remains.

Cult leader Paul MacKenzie faces murder charges for allegedly telling his followers the end of the world was coming and they should kill themselves to be first in line to ascend to heaven.

Content retrieved from: https://www.yahoo.com/news/emotional-funeral-family-kenya-cult-040525037.html.

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