Emily Atack on ‘terrifying Andrew Tate’ and her fear of being ‘raped and killed’

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Emily Atack is often terrified she will be raped and murdered and is scared of being alone physically.

The actress, 33, has previously admitted she is plagued by explicit online messages from men, sometimes thousands a day, and shared how the harassment impacts her mental health.

Speaking in a new interview, Emily says ‘hearing a bump in the night’ can leave her fearing for her safety, and explains why Andrew Tate having such a large following online is such a ‘terrifying’ fact.

The Inbetweeners actress is horrified by ‘how much has been normalised’ when it comes to the sexual harassment women experience on social media and is calling on the government not to put ‘women’s safety to the back of the pile’.On Monday, Emily was subjected to being sent a disgusting clip of a man performing a sexual act on himself moments after she discussed dealing with sexual harassment with Fearne Cotton.

“A man sending me videos of himself masturbating. This will now continue to happen throughout the day. All Day. Everyday,” Emily told her Instagram followers after her chat with Fearne on the Happy Place podcast went live.

The actress went into further detail about how the unwanted messages impact her life during a new interview with the Radio Times, as she discussed the need for society to get to grips with digital abuse.

“I’m terrified at times,” she tells the publication.

“The second I hear a bump in the night I go, ‘Oh, that’s it. I’m about to be raped and killed’.”

She continues to explain how he thoughts turn to how her parents will be told if something does happen to her and adds: “I’m scared of being alone physically a lot of the time.”

Sexual harassment has been such a huge problem for the Celebrity Juice star that she worked on a documentary called Emily Atack : Sexual Harassment & Me.

The documentary will also follow Emily as she seeks to speak to men who have sent her explicit content in the past, as she investigates the psychological reasons for such behaviour.

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  1. Radicalization often begins online and rather than violent so–called “lone wolves” acting independently, they are often groomed and seem to be frequently motivated by hate online.

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