Demi Moore is actively pursuing Tom Cruise to link up with him more often, per report

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Actress Demi Moore is struggling to navigate her ex husband Bruce Willis‘ recent dementia diagnosis but she still has to find time to be happy herself. She has been helping out the entire family coming to terms with their new reality but she also juggles her love life as a new report confirms. According to Radar Online, Demi Moore has been actively pursuing none other than Tom Cruise, who has known Demi Moore for many years and he’s been getting several messages from her to link up or even work together.

Those who aren’t aware, Demi Moore’s mother was a prominent Scientologist and she grew up knowing many people from the religion. As we all know, Tom Cruise is Scientology’s most famous celebrity and their ultimate poster boy. Initially, this pursuit could seem like she wants to work with Tom but the source from Radar Online has other ideas. This is what the source said: “She’s been chasing after Tom, pestering him about working together again, and he’s not exactly discouraging her. No one thinks it’s just about work. She’s been fond of Tom for years and they’ve been in the friend zone since the ’90s when they did ‘A Few Good Men’. It’s all about timing and Tom’s star power has never been stronger than it is now.”

As we disclosed, Demi Moore’s mother is the late Virginia King and she was a prominent Scientologist. However, Demi Moore wasn’t allowed to become part of the religion because Bruce Willis reportedly banned her from going. The source says: “Demi would attend meetings. Bruce banned her from going. So, Demi and Tom have more in common than people realize. Friends on both sides could see them together. She’s the adrenaline junkie who would be right beside him jumping out of planes.”

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