Daughters of the Cult: Who Was Polygamous Cult Leader Ervil Morrell LeBaron?

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Ervil Morrell LeBaron was responsible for the deaths of at least 20 people but allegedly never actually pulled any triggers himself.

The son of a Mormon polygamist church founder, Ervil became the leader of the polygamist Church of the Lamb of God. He was later nicknamed the “Mormon Manson” for his control over his followers, whom he ordered to murder defectors, rivals and even his own family members, including his brothers and children (of which he had more than 50).

Ervil, the subject of ABC News Studios’ Daughters of the Cult on Hulu, lived with an extensive network of followers throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States, traveling frequently to evade law enforcement. Even after Ervil’s death in 1981, his influence over his followers continued, leading to more slayings in the decades that followed.

“Even from the grave, he was able to control people and their actions and that is just mind-blowing,” one of LeBaron’s daughters, Anna K. LeBaron, told BBC News in 2017. “That from the grave he was able to do that.”

Here’s what to know about Ervil Morrell LeBaron, the self-proclaimed “one true mighty” man behind dozens of murders.

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