‘Cult’ US town run by polygamist leader where everyone asks ‘what are you hiding?’

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A creepy town in Arizona used to be home to the polygamist cult-leader Warren Jeffs and was dubbed online as “somewhere you don’t stop for gas”.

Colorado City, Arizona, makes up part of a fundamentalist Mormon community that straddles the Arizona-Utah border, known as Short Creek. The area was first settled in during the 1930s and was ruled for years by Warren Jeffs, a leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as FLDS.

Jeffs was arrested in 2006 and is currently serving a life sentence for child sex assault as he took as many as 78 brides in what his church deemed “spiritual marriages”. Under his control, the church ruled its followers with a heavy and abusive hand investigated in the 2022 Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey.

Fathers who gave their young daughters to Jeffs were rewarded with young brides of their own. Girls who proved reluctant to have sex with Jeffs were sent away.

Now some people have taken to Reddit to confirm just what a weird place Colorado City was. Many mention road trips where they stopped for petrol and were met by locals who “stopped what they were doing and watched our every move”.

They added: “Nobody would speak to us even after we said hello. Strange. We always thought, what are they hiding?”

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