Cult leader Mackenzie boycotts bail hearing, cites mistreatment in prison

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The key suspect in the Shakahola Massacre, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, boycotted his bail hearing on Wednesday alongside 94 others who are facing terrorism charges.

His lawyer, Wycliffe Makasembo, told the court that Mackenzie had boycotted the hearing due to discriminatory treatment by prison officials.

Makasembo informed the court that Mackenzie had complained about being separated from the other suspects.

Mackenzie also expressed concerns about abduction, complicating the proceedings and prompting his lawyer to seek an adjournment to counsel his client on the subject.

However, the prosecution team, which included Principal Prosecution Counsel Anthony Musyoka and Senior Prosecution Counsel Peris Ongega, was vehemently opposed to the adjournment, dismissing Mackenzie’s claims as mere theatrics designed to stall the legal proceedings.

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