Conspiracy theorists ripped for saying ‘Simpsons’ predicted Maui wildfires in 2016

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This “Simpsons” prediction was no laughing matter.

Conspiracy theorists have been torched online after crediting the seemingly clairvoyant cartoon with foretelling a wild and unfounded theory concerning the Hawaii wildfires.

Tinfoil-hatted social media denizens detailed this outlandish allegation of life imitating art on social media amid the wildfire disaster in Lahaina, Maui, which has claimed over 114 lives since Aug. 8.

Conspiracy theorists had posted snippets from a 2016 episode of the Matt Groening series, titled “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus,” which depicted a beam of light incinerating the town of Springfield.

They claim that this was evidence of the unfounded conspiracy circulating social media that claims the Maui wildfires were caused by “directed energy weapons” in order to advance the globalist climate-change agenda.

One TikToker uploaded pics of blue umbrellas that were left miraculously intact in the inferno’s aftermath, which he linked to the blue tarp shrouding a similarly untouched statue in the episode.

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