Conspiracy theorists now think nuclear bombs are fake

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As interest in nuclear weapons history grows ahead of the anticipated release of director Christopher Nolan’s film Oppenheimer, some conspiracy theorists have decided that such explosive devices never actually existed.

In a tweet last week, Owen Benjamin, a disgraced comedian known for his far-right politics and anti-semitic views, claimed that decades-old footage of a nuclear weapons blast was fake because cameras were able to film it up close without being destroyed.

“It’s weird that the nuclear blasts vaporized brick houses but not the old timey camera recording it. It’s because nukes are fake,” Benjamin wrote. “Hiroshima and Nagasaki never had any fall out radiation. The whole narrative and all the evidence is absurd.”

Thankfully, Benjamin’s claims proved too absurd for even the most hardened conspiracy theorists. In thousands of replies, the comedian was heckled for putting forward such a ludicrous claim.

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