‘Color me skeptical’: Damar Hamlin reveals official diagnosis—COVID anti-vaxxers still don’t buy it

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who briefly went into cardiac arrest after taking a hit during an NFL game in January, revealed his diagnosis on Tuesday while announcing his return to the NFL. But conspiracy theorists are refusing to let go of their unfounded belief that the COVID-19 vaccine was to blame.

While announcing that he’d been cleared by doctors to once again take the field, Hamlin said that he had officially been diagnosed with commotio cordis. The condition occurs when a blow to the chest takes place during a specific part of the cardiac rhythm, often causing the heart to stop beating.

The findings are unsurprising for many medical professionals, who argued that commotio cordis was likely the culprit following Hamlin’s injury. Yet despite the diagnosis, conspiracy theorists continue to point the finger at the vaccine, which they have blamed for countless other injuries and deaths in recent months.

Some users attempted to analyze Hamlin’s remarks before baselessly claiming that his speech patterns indicated that he wasn’t being truthful about the cause of his injury.

“Here is the moment where #DamarHamlin announced his #CommotioCordis diagnosis,” one conservative user wrote. “He struggles to get it out, using ‘Uhh’” and ‘Ummm.’ He also uses qualifiers like ‘basically’ and ‘pretty much.’ And after he’s finished, his speech becomes much more fluid and natural. Thoughts?”

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