Chinese nationals involved in Pyramid scheme stage ‘robbery’ to cover gambling losses

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The Colombo South Division Criminal Investigation Bureau has revealed that a complaint by a Chinese national that a group of people broke into his house located on Borella Lake Drive Road and robbed him was bogus. 

The 38-year-old Chinese businessman, who is said to be engaged in business activities in the port city of Colombo, robbed more than Rs 40 million rupees of money and property through pyramid scams. Two Chinese nationals, including the Chinese national interpreter and another person who assisted him in acting the robbery, were also arrested.

Investigations have revealed that this Chinese national is carrying out a pyramid scheme in this country, together with a group of other Chinese nationals. Investigations have also revealed that this robbery was planned by this Chinese man to cover up the loss of the money by gambling in casinos The Chinese businessman lodged a complaint at the Borella Police yesterday (20) morning saying that a group of robbers broke into his house the previous night and looted property worth more than Rs 40 million.

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