Children forced to starve in hot sun as part of doomsday cult mass suicide: reports

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A Christian doomsday cult in Kenya targeted children to die first in its final days, starving them to death before the adults followed through with the same plan.

Police are investigating what appeared to be a mass suicide in the southeast region of Kenya, where so far 201 bodies have been found in a forested area, according to a BBC report Sunday.

Investigators believe the bodies are connected to the alleged Christian doomsday cult of Pastor Paul Mackenzie, whose deputy preacher, Titus Katana, recently told the New York Times that children were killed first and ordered “to fast in the sun so they would die faster.”

Katana has been helping authorities investigate the cult and has provided shocking details about its operation, including an interview with the Sunday Times in which he described abuses of children such as forcing them to be locked inside huts for days without food or water.

“Then they wrapped them in blankets and buried them, even the ones still breathing,” he told the outlet.

Followers of the cult were allegedly told they would get to heaven faster if they starved to death, the BBC reported, while autopsies of the bodies found showed signs of starvation, suffocation and beatings.

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