Cars Once Again Used By Small Town To Fight QAnon Queen Of Canada

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Our least favorite Queen of Canada is still up to her old tricks, but now small-town Canadians know how to handle her kind: with loud, annoying, non-stop blaring of car horns.

Didulo and her dozens of followers are currently camped out in an abandoned school in the tiny town of Richmound, Saskatchewan. The owner of the school is allowing the cult to use it as a headquarters, much to the chagrin of his fellow residents. Only about 150 people live in Richmound, according to Vice, which led to a lot of anxiety surrounding the sudden appearance of the cult the third of the size of the whole town. Royal Canadian Mounted Police surged their numbers in the area, setting up roadblocks and fencing between the cult and town residents. The people took a cult meet-and-greet as an opportunity to voice their displeasure:

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