‘Boys are often targeted and radicalised online’

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“This boy has just turned 11 and he is looking up at me in the middle of the yard, telling me how Andrew Tate has helped him. And I’m thinking, of course, he’s the perfect victim: A quiet boy with a lot of insecurities.

“I’m thinking this Andrew Tate knows exactly what he’s doing with our young boys.”

Many teachers like this one, a male primary teacher working in Limerick, don’t want to go on the record about their own students but many, even at primary level, report hearing about Tate from their students.

“I mostly hear students mocking him,” says another teacher in an all-boys secondary, “but I’ve come across the odd boy, often a quiet student, who has been influenced.”

Another teacher in a rural mixed school says: “I’ve never heard anything about him directly, but I got a response to a question about a novel that made me suspect that a student had been watching his videos.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/spotlight/arid-41057933.html.

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  1. Anyone with access to the Internet and social media platforms can potentially be accessed and lured into an indoctrination process and radicalization online.

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