Better the Devil You Know! Conspiracy theorists make shock claims that Kylie Minogue is part of a Satanic cult: ‘The Illuminati has a new toy puppet’

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Kylie Minogue is embroiled in a bizarre and baseless Satanic conspiracy theory.

The Australian pop star, who is currently in the midst of a major career comeback thanks to her new single Padam Padam, has been accused of pushing satanic messaging in her music videos and album artwork.

God-fearing conspiracy theorists have pointed out that the cover of the 55-year-old’s upcoming album Tension features an Illuminati pose.

The Illuminati are a group that conspiracy theorists assert controls the world’s affairs and economy, and its members come from the worlds of politics, business and entertainment.

In the Tension cover image, Kylie holds one hand over her eye, which conspiracy theorists believe is a reference to the ‘evil eye’.

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has been accused of being part of the Satanic organisation the Illuminati

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