Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals Her New Memoir Cover — And Names the ‘Cult’ Where She Spent a Decade

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Bethany Joy Lenz has revealed the cover of her new memoir and, for the first time, names the “abusive, high-demand group (aka cult)”  in which she spent a decade of her life.

Her new memoir, Dinner for Vampires, will detail the actress, singer-songwriter and former One Tree Hill star’s life — including her years in a cult and associated “spiritual abuse,” Lenz, 42, told PEOPLE when she first announced the book. She adds she has done “lots of therapy” over nearly a decade since, to help her heal.

As an only child, Lenz always craved belonging, according to the book’s description. She found a safe haven in a Bible study group with other industry members, but it “soon morphed into something more sinister—a slowly woven web of manipulation, abuse and fear under the guise of a church covenant called The Big House Family,” per the publisher.

As she got deeper and deeper into the group, Lenz relocated to the Family’s Pacific Northwest compound, where the publisher says a “domineering minister” persuaded her to marry one of his sons. She describes how she lost millions of her TV income, as well as her autonomy.

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