Aussie teen targeted by horrific online ‘paedophile cult’

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For 10 months, an Aussie teenager was forced to share sexually-explicit images of herself and carve things into her own body by a depraved online paedophile ring.

Now, the teen’s mum is warning other parents of the potential dangers, as much of the abuse was happening right under their noses.

The Courier Mail reports the teenager, who can’t be identified, was finally given an order to kill the family cat by an online satanic cult known as 764.

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764 is one of many online child abuse networks with satanic and neo-Nazi links, and was recently named in an alert list issued by the FBI.

When she refused, the cult began making hoax calls to the family’s home from the US, including one occasion that saw police surrounding their home with guns raised, demanding the teen’s father come out with his hands up.

What terrifies the girl’s mum is she had no idea any of this abuse was happening.

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