Are Y’all with the Cult?

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I do not claim to be an expert on cults, but they have always interested me—the idea of surrendering your mind to a thought collective is terrifying and extremely fascinating. Hence the reason I wrote my debut novel, It’s Not a Cult.

Real cults are a delicate and complicated topic. I wouldn’t want anyone to walk away from this article, or my book for that matter, with the idea that these cult members are either weak-willed or weak-minded. Most of the members of these real cults are victims of diabolical and self-serving manipulators. In fact, through my general interest in true crime and all things morbid, I have learned not to be so arrogant as to think I, if put in the right circumstances, could not get sucked in too. And trigger warning: there is mention of sexual assault.

The following is an examination of both real and fictional cults: their appeal, their dangers, and why they fascinate us. Additionally, I’ve concluded each cult on the list with reasons I might or might not join this cult.

Also, spoilers ahead, naturally. So, here we go:

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