Andrew Tate, incels and the manosphere – how the internet is radicalising young men

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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate made headlines recently when he was arrested by Romanian police as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation. The 30-year-old former kickboxer rose to prominence through his misogynistic content.

Tate is known as one of the prominent faces of the ‘manosphere’. The manosphere is a wide range of content aimed at men.

While some influencers, blogs, websites and forums in the manosphere are focused on subjects such as fitness, fashion, faith and relationship advice for men – there are problematic aspects of it. The dark side of the manosphere includes content that promotes misogyny and is staunchly anti-feminist.

A key aspect of the dark side of the manosphere is its proximity to ‘incel culture’ which has risen online over the last few years. Incel culture and its ideology has begun to spread among teenagers and particularly young boys at secondary school age.

Speaking to the MEN, safeguarding consultant James Simoniti said that some students have been known to profess their admiration for Tate during classes.

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  1. Online radicalization is increasing. And the networking of individuals online creating raging communities of hate is a deeply disturbing byproduct of the Internet and social media.

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