Alex Jones’ new bankruptcy appeal makes old claim of raw deal in $1B verdict for Sandy Hook families

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Alex Jones is fighting a bankruptcy judge’s ruling that he is on the hook for $1 billion he owes Sandy Hook families by arguing the old claim that Jones got a raw deal when he was defaulted for pretrial abuses and found liable for willful and malicious conduct.

Jones, who has been appealing the 2021 default rulings by judges in Texas and Connecticut for the last two years without success, filed new appeals this week in federal bankruptcy court arguing once again that he was denied his rights when his cases were decided by sanctions before they went to trial.

“Here, the bankruptcy court did not assess the constitutionality of the judgment,” says a motion filed by Jones attorneys seeking to appeal U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Christopher Lopez’s ruling that most of Jones’ debt to Sandy Hook families could not be discharged in bankruptcy but had to be paid because of Jones’ willful and malicious conduct. “Did the bankruptcy court err in doing so?”

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