Alex Batty’s mum ‘was involved in a CULT & allowed NO contact with real world’ as details about commune life revealed

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He had gone on a family holiday to Spain and is believed to have been abducted by his 43-year-old mother to live an “alternative” lifestyle abroad.

The teenager was found near the French city of Toulouse on Wednesday and taken to a police station in the village of Revel by chiropody student Fabien Accidini.

French prosecutors claim Alex knew his alternative life with his mum “had to stop” after she planned to move to Finland.

Toulouse assistant public prosecutor Antoine Leroy said Alex left the home and went walking for four days, covering around 15 miles by foot and skateboard.

He was sleeping in the day and walking at night, fuelled by eating “whatever he found in the fields and gardens”.

Mr Leroy added: “It is possible that the mother has gone to Finland as she planned.

“The grandfather, who has always been with his daughter and grandson, is said to have died around six months ago.”

Describing Alex’s lifestyle over the past six years, Mr Leroy said: “They would work on the ego, there was meditation work — there was no connection with the real world. They believed in reincarnation.”

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