Aides to leader of South Korea cult JMS arrested as key accomplices to sex crimes

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SEOUL – Two aides of South Korea religious leader Jeong Myeong-seok, who was previously convicted with the sexual molestation of his female followers, were arrested on Tuesday as accomplices to the pastor’s alleged sex crimes.

A court in Daejeon issued arrest warrants for the two aides, citing their flight risk and the possibility of evidence being destroyed. Arrest warrants for four other former officials were dismissed as they have since left the group.

The two aides are accused of luring women to have sexual intercourse with Jeong.

In particular, the prosecution charged one of the two arrested, Kim Ji-sun, as a perpetrator of sexual assault, considering her role in the religious organisation, popularly known as JMS. Kim is reportedly known as Jeong’s successor.

Multiple sexual abuse allegations were raised against Jeong and his aides after the release of the Netflix documentary series titled In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal, which shed light on the group and its misconduct.

Some acts that were brought to light included attempts at brainwashing and Jeong’s alleged sexual abuse of numerous female believers. The eight-part series also discussed three other religious figures and their own alleged crimes.

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