A Mom Stopped Paying Her Bills Because of the QAnon Queen. She Lost Her Home.

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Shortly after police forcibly removed her from her home, Bonnie sat in her car, surrounded by her animals, and frantically posted in a Telegram chatroom for the QAnon Queen of Canada.

“They don’t care,” she wrote. “They threw us out with no clothes, no food, nothing at all. The cats, birds, and my daughter are in the vehicle. My other daughter is at school. Please, we need your help!”

“Please, Queen! They just removed me from our home. We have no place to go.”

Over a year ago, Bonnie stopped paying her mortgage and other bills because Romana Didulo, a QAnon figure who has named herself the queen of Canada, declared all utilities and mortgages free under a “royal decree.” So Bonnie ignored all warnings that her payments were due and her home was being foreclosed upon. She thought the pedophilic cabal—the evil group Didulo’s followers believe she’s secretly battling—was just trying to scare her.

Then on Feb. 17, a bailiff knocked on her door alongside multiple Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and forcibly removed Bonnie and her family. In  an area where temperatures routinely drop to -20 degrees Celsius, they couldn’t even bring winter gear with them, she wrote. More than a month later, Bonnie and her family remain without a home.

Her queen, in return, has done nothing.

Bonnie is not the woman’s real name. VICE News will not be naming her or identifying the town she lived in. Bonnie did not respond to multiple requests for an interview, and when VICE News first reached out to her, she called the reporter a “traitor.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxjqmb/qanon-queen-romana-didulo-follower-evicted.

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