A Lady’s Experience as Member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a South Korean ‘Cult’ Targeting Nigerians, West Africans

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Oluchukwu Azikiwe never thought about whether or not she was part of a cult until her newfound faith turned into an obsession that almost broke her. Looking back, Azikiwe thinks she could have seen the peculiarities of the group, but her initial ignorance was caused by the sincere concern she felt from its members as well as her desire to learn everything there was to know about the Bible. But it was all a mirage.

Shortly after joining the organisation, Azikiwe successfully navigated the initial stage of membership, involving a commitment to studying once or twice a week for two hours each session. She remained devoted throughout, attempting to persuade her loved ones to join as well. However, her relentless advocacy led her to sound increasingly obsessed, causing her family to resist joining as they believed she was deviating from universally accepted Christian norms.

As months passed, Azikiwe’s family began urging her to disassociate from the Shincheonji organisation due to the profound changes in her life philosophy. These changes started affecting her relationship with her fiancé, now her husband. Over time, she realised that the image in her mirror was no longer her true self and she was on the path to becoming a cult member. It was at this point that she decided to break ties with the Shincheonji group and embrace reality.

Content retrieved from: https://fij.ng/article/a-ladys-experience-as-member-of-shincheonji-church-of-jesus-a-south-korean-cult-targeting-nigerians-west-africans/.

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