5 Bungoma clergies who claim direct communication with God

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In the realm of spiritual leaders, the Luhya (Mulembe) Nation, specifically Bungoma county, has witnessed the rise of unique personalities who claim divine connections.

From renowned self-proclaimed prophets such as Nabii Elijah Masinde to the current controversial messiah Yesu Wa Tongaren, these individuals have captivated followers with their extraordinary claims and religious movements.

The Revolutionary Prophet Nabii Masinde Munene was a freedom fighter and the founder of Dini Ya Msambwa, a religious political sect.

Known as a rebel, he not only challenged the colonial government but also caused consternation among politicians in independent Kenya.

His teachings combined spirituality and politics, advocating for social justice and freedom.

Despite facing opposition from authorities, his influence continues to resonate among his followers, who revere him as a spiritual leader and champion of their rights.

The Self-Proclaimed God Jehovah Wanyonyi, the leader of the Lost Israelites Ministries, established himself as a self-proclaimed god with an unorthodox lifestyle.

Leading his followers from Chemororoch village, Uasin Gishu County, Wanyonyi claimed to possess the power to cure various diseases, including AIDS, cancer, and hypertension.

At one point he even demanded a substantial sum of money from the Kenyan government, threatening to unleash HIV/AIDS upon the country.

Despite his passing in 2015, his followers, awaiting his resurrection, continue to uphold his teachings.

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