World Evangelical Body Cuts Ties with David Jang’s Embattled Olivet Sect

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The World Evangelical Alliance has severed ties with David Jang’s Olivet Assembly, the Christian sect affiliated with Olivet University which is under federal criminal investigation and faces other legal challenges in the United States.

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), a 175 year old group, represents 600 million Christians around the world, the organization says. Jang’s association with the alliance offered it a badge of credibility with mainstream American Christians.

Over the past two decades, Jang has expanded his Olivet University into more than half a dozen U.S. states and turned his church, the World Olivet Assembly, into a global denomination with members in more than 160 countries. For much of that time, Jang has faced allegations from critics that he was running a messianic cult. Olivet rejects such allegations.

“There are no other ties to his organization,” the WEA said in a statement, confirming that it removed references to the World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University from its website in June, and that it was no longer using office space at Olivet University’s former campus in Dover, New York.

WEA declined to comment on why Chief Communications Officer Timothy Goropevsek, a Jang disciple and Olivet University alum, had left in June after nearly 12 years, saying the matter was a “private career decision.”

Newsweek is owned by two former members of the Olivet sect. The two say they have resolved their differences but some of the legal disputes resulting from their break with Jang continue to play out in court.

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