Woolworths hot roast chicken conspiracy theory goes viral: ‘Suspiciously cheap’

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When it comes to rustling up a quick feed for a hungry family, Woolworths’ country style hot roast chickens remain a highly affordable meal option despite a recent price hike to $12.

In fact, there’s even been some suggestion that a roast chook from Woolies or Coles is such good value the retailers must be losing money on each sale. After all, as Perth’s McKenna brothers pointed out in The MacPack podcast this week, a lot goes into getting each chook onto a supermarket shelf.

“In order to get the chicken there, you’ve got overheads that include farming the chicken, feeding it, pumping it full of probably hormones,” Jake McKenna said.

“Then unfortunately, you have to prepare it to be killed,” he continued. “Then it goes into Woolies. They bag it, they put the nice stuffing and stuff on it, then they put it under the nice warm lamp. How the f**k are they making a profit?” he asks in a clip of the podcast shared on TikTok that’s gone viral.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for the Australian Chicken Meat Federation said Australian chickens are not given hormones, explaining that their size occurs due to selective breeding and optimal nutrition. This process allows chickens to be raised to a large size fast enough that some poultry farms can supply hundreds of thousands of the birds to processors every month.

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