Women suing ex-doctor for sex abuse allege Mormon church inaction

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Three women who are part of an ongoing civil lawsuit against a former Oregon doctor are speaking about what they say is a culture within the Mormon church that permits abusers to go unpunished.

Nicole Snow, Katie Medley and Lisa Pratt all allege that they were sexually abused by David Farley, who primarily worked at a family health clinic in West Linn, Oregon, for decades. They filed a civil lawsuit in 2020 against Farley and the medical institutions he worked at, claiming he conducted unnecessary pelvic exams, fondled their breasts and did check-ups in his bedroom at home, the Oregonian reported.

In an interview Tuesday on “NewsNation’s “CUOMO,” the trio said Farley used his position within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, formerly known as the Mormon church, to take advantage of his patients.

“He was a very seemingly trustworthy safe person within the Mormon community and he fed off of the Mormon community to recruit women to come be his patients where he could then continue to abuse,” Medley said. “It was awful, and none of us have been taken seriously.”

Around the same time the lawsuit was filed, Farley was also the subject of complaints filed with the Oregon Medical Board. He admitted to the board that he photographed the breasts and genitals of several underage patients, according to the West Linn Tidings newspaper.

The board revoked his medical license after Farley waived his right to a hearing. He did not admit or deny any wrondgoing, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

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