Will Suri be the next ‘nepo baby’? Tom Cruise’s daughter, 16, has not been seen in public with her father since 2013 after she left Scientology – but has sung in TWO films directed by her mother Katie Holmes

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It has been more than a decade since Suri Cruise, now 16, was last seen in public with her father Tom following his split with Suri’s mother Katie Holmes.

The teenager and her 60-year-old father are said to have a ‘complicated’ relationship following her parents’ divorce with reports the pair are estranged because Suri does not follow her father’s controversial Scientologist faith.

And after Cruise was reported to have avoided the Oscars this year (despite the rip-roaring success of his Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick) so he didn’t have to worry about bumping into his ex-wife and mother of his two older children Nicole Kidman, fans were reminded of their bitter divorce over the Scientology when the Australian actress also refused to join the church.

When Cruise’s second wife Holmes filed for divorce in 2012, she was granted custody of their daughter, who was then six years old. However, Cruise was given frequent visitation rights.

Living with Holmes since the split, Suri has lived a relatively quiet life with her mother, who was keen to keep her out of the limelight in her younger years. However, now she has reached 16, her mother reveals more about her teenage daughter, and has even enlisted her in some projects.

Last year a trailer for a rom-com starring and directed by Holmes, Alone Together, featured Suri singing Blue Moon on the soundtrack, as her mother praised her daughter as ‘the best’.

When Cruise and Holmes announced their split in 2012, the couple reached a custody agreement that stated Suri’s mother would care for her most of the time, while Cruise would see her regularly.

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