Wild clashes erupt between patrons and protestors outside of Hollywood restaurant La Poubelle Bistro named in Danny Masterson rape case where he drugged a woman before assaulting her

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An altercation erupted during an anti-Scientology protest outside a Hollywood restaurant where convicted rapist Danny Masterson took one of his victims and drugged her before assaulting her.

Demonstrators gathered outside La Poubelle Bistro and Bar Saturday night, urging patrons to steer clear of the eatery whose owner, Francoise Koster, wrote a letter defending Masterson’s character amid his rape trial.

The ‘That 70’s Show’ star was handed a sentence of 30 years after he was convicted of raping two women, one of whom he drugged at the restaurant before taking her to his Hollywood Hills home.

The Saturday confrontation began when one of the protestors wheeled on a man who stood outside the restaurant, smoking. ‘You’re gonna support a place where Danny Masterson raped women?’ the protestor demanded.

‘Who’s that?’ the man responded. The protestor explained that the owner supported the convicted rapist as others butted in to the conversation.

At least a dozen protestors encircled the man, spilling onto the street and surrounding parked vehicles. Several had cameras raised to film the confrontation.

‘I already told you about it,’ another protestor said, pointing his phone directly at the man, who turned and knocked the device from his hand.

A scuffle ensued, ending when Los Angeles police arrived to break up the brawl and arrest one of the protestors.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13097371/protestors-la-poubelle-hollywood-danny-masterson-victim.html.

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