Why Welcome To Plathville’s Lydia Meggs Left Her Fundamentalist Upbringing

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Lydia Meggs grew up in a restrictive and controlling religious environment along with her Welcome to Plathville older sister, Olivia Plath. Lydia and Olivia chose to leave that lifestyle behind, and it has affected their relationship with their family. Lydia is now speaking out about her childhood and why she decided to leave it all behind.

In a recent interview with realiteasquad on YouTube, Lydia opened up about her family, her struggles, and her childhood. Lydia didn’t shy away from answering the number one question that everyone wants to know, including what drove her away from her family and her upbringing. She explained that the day after she graduated from high school, she decided to leave Virginia and go to Maryland to volunteer at a summer camp. The 23-year-old further explained, “I ended up staying in Maryland, I met someone up here that my parents hated just because we made different choices and our business got out to my whole family. My parents told my little siblings that he raped me saying I was underage because I was mentally 16 even though I was 20. It was a whole freaking mess, so that’s when I got out though. It was on my 20th birthday to be honest when I completely left.”

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