Why Tom Cruise Won’t Leave Scientology, According to Leah Remini

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Since leaving Scientology in 2013, Leah Remini has been a vocal critic of her former religious movement and its teachings. Now, a clip of the King of Queens star discussing Tom Cruise—perhaps the church’s most famous member—has resurfaced, with the 53-year-old sharing why she believes the star is so committed.

Remini posted a snippet of her 2017 interview with UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan to TikTok on September 24. In the 2-minute clip, Remini dispels the rumors that Cruise doesn’t leave Scientology because “the church has information on him.” Instead, she cites the influence the religion allegedly holds in the entertainment industry and the benefits of being a member.

“It’s like nothing you can imagine,” she says. “The amount of power they receive from this church is like nothing in Hollywood. There is no reason for them to leave this environment.”

“He has all of these people to take care of his every need?” Rogan asks, which Remini confirms.

“Yes and there’s policy on how to talk somebody,” she explains. “Like if you said ‘Go get me a coffee and I want it this temperature,’ there’s no ‘I can’t get it.’

“They’d be none of that kind of talk. You don’t talk back, ever.”

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