Why Americans keep getting roped into multilevel marketing schemes

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Most multilevel marketers have rebuttals at the ready when potential recruits accuse them of peddling a pyramid scheme. One of the canned comebacks for Donald Trump’s late-aughts MLM—because, of course, Trump once had his own MLM—is a doozy: “If you ask me, corporate America is a pyramid scheme,” went the script. “All the people on the top make all the money. The people at the bottom are spinning their wheels.”

It’s a hard point to refute. Like the stump speeches that followed during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, this pitch tapped into average working Americans’ creeping sense that the system was failing them. While in both cases, the prescription may have been questionable, the diagnosis was achingly accurate. As author Jane Marie illustrates in her new book, Selling the Dream, the reason MLMs still rake in billions each year, despite so much evidence suggesting they are scams, she says, is that the American Dream just might also be a scam.

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