Was Salma Hayek Secretly Involved In A Cult? Here’s The Truth About Rumors She Was Part Of The Highly Controversial Ramtha School Of Enlightenment

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One of those rare movie stars who has managed to be successful for many years, Salma Hayek has been a big deal since the ’90s. Due to Hayek’s lengthy and respected career, she has millions of fans who are interested in her personal life.

Some stories about Hayek’s personal life show she has a lot to be thankful for including her incredible lifestyle. On the other hand, some aspects of Hayek’s real life are far less desirable including the fact that her brother once got her sued. As amazing as those stories are, the incredible thing is many stars don’t know Hayek has been linked to an alleged cult.

Putting aside any debate about what kind of institution the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is for now, it is fascinating to look at why Salma Hayek has been linked to it. As of the time of this writing, there is very limited evidence pointing to Hayek’s potential association with Ramtha.

Easily the least credible piece of evidence that Hayek is a follower of Ramtha’s teachings stems from a 2017 blog post written by someone who goes by brucesmith49. In brucesmith49’s post, they claimed that Hayek had “started attending RSE” classes. According to brucesmith49, they sent a letter to Hayek asking her to be their “date for the Christmas Ball at Ramtha‚Äôs School of Enlightenment”.

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