Wait, Has Shawn Mendes Joined A Cult?

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Shawn Mendes might be known for his heart-wrenching lyrics in songs like ‘Stitches’, but rumour has it that the singer’s latest romance is heading into a more cultish territory.

Mendes has recently been linked with a new partner, Charlie Travers, 37, after they were papped together in Los Angeles.

Travers originally found fame when she appeared on Big Brother in the UK back in 2013. Now residing in LA, she has worked with a psychic medium called Tyler Henry on his reality series Hollywood Medium. She has also been a TV presenter and podcaster.

According to Page Six, one of the ‘dates’ involved the pair stripping down to their undies for a swim at the beach followed by some breathwork.

While some fans appear happy for Mendes’ new romance, it seems not all are on board.

According to celebrity gossip podcast DeuxMoi, fans have sent in tips that Mendes has allegedly become part of a new age organisation that they’re deeming a ‘cult’.
It’s worth noting that at this stage, the allegations have not been substantiated or proven.

“Nobody knows if Shawn Mendes is in fact in this cult,” DeuxMoi begins. “It’s called the Modern Mystery School. They provide services to the public and behind closed doors for only ‘those who have eyes to see and those that have ears to hear’.

“Fans have been noticing that Shawn Mendes has been associating with people who are part of the Modern Mystery School. One of those people being his new alleged girlfriend, Charlie,” she said.

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