US Airman Aaron Bushnell who fatally set self on fire raised in ‘abusive Christian cult’ said to engage in mind control

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The 25-year-old Massachusetts native was raised in the alleged “mind control” group, the Community of Jesus, in the tiny Cape Cod town of Orleans, said former member Susan Wilkins, 59, to the Washington Post.

His parents appear to continue to have strong ties to the murky religious sect — which has reportedly been a vocal online supporter of Israel’s war on Gaza.

“You just exist in fear because you feel trapped,” said the person, who was not identified but grew up in the Community.

The group’s Church of the Transfiguration is about 100 yards from the Bushnells’ home — and its spire towers above their abode and the entire neighborhood.

An American flag and another titled “An Appeal to Heaven” were flying outside the family’s home Tuesday.

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