Ultra-Orthodox rabbis decide to sue New York over having to teach English, science

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ALBANY — Rabbis from ultra-Orthodox private schools said they are planning to sue the state Education Department over regulations about what they teach, they decided at a meeting Sunday.

They also directed their schools to stop accepting public funding for school lunches, after-school care and other subsidies. Instead, they said, they will organize community kitchens to provide lunches.

Last September, the Board of Regents voted to require every private school to prove they are teaching the same core subjects that public schools are required to teach.

They must also teach in English, one of many sticking points for the Jewish yeshivas, where children are often taught in Yiddish. The local communities largely speak Yiddish.

They were told that Sept. 1 was the deadline to let inspectors into their schools, said Rabbi Abraham Klein, an ultra-Orthodox community leader from Orange County.

At the meeting Sunday held at Rockland Community College, the rabbis said no state inspectors will be allowed into any of the yeshivas.

“We are not going to let the government into our school system,” Klein said. “The curriculum they want to implement in our schools is against God, against our faith and against Torah.”

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