Tragic update from Melbourne ‘cult’ survivor revealed

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An Australian has shared a heartbreaking plea after revealing they were “one of the last Anne Hamilton-Byrne child survivors” — a reference to the notorious doomsday cult that operated outside Melbourne between 1963 and 1989.

The survivor posted anonymously in a Facebook group from the area where The Family cult operated in the Dandenong Ranges, southeast of Melbourne, earlier this week.

They revealed that their life had been difficult and that they were sleeping rough in their car — a vehicle that people had been attempting to break into at night — and that they were “forced to work” 40 hours a week in other locations for the privilege of parking their car on somebody’s property.
“I’m now in a shaded location on friends property that gets no sun and little to no wind,” the person revealed in their online post.

“I’m freezing at night and the entire contents of my vehicle is being destroyed by condensation and resulting mould and my health affected, as I cannot air out during the day in my current location.”

The survivor said they finally felt comfortable reaching out for help in a public setting after Hamilton-Byrne died at the age of 98 in 2019 after a long battle with dementia.

The Family ran between the 1960s and 1980s, led by Hamilton-Byrne, who claimed she was the female reincarnation of Jesus Christ who was sent to collect kids and raise them as her own to protect them from the apocalypse.

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