Toxic Dirt Grifter Is Back Pushing Another Miracle Cure

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The founder of a health and wellness company that sold “magic dirt” which was found to contain toxic levels of arsenic and lead after a campaign from anti-multi-level marketing activists, is back with a new set of products—that look remarkably similar to his old ones.

Marc Saint-Onge calls himself the “mud man,” and has been extolling the virtues of “fulvic acid,” (decomposed plant material in the soil, otherwise known as dirt) in different forms since the 1990s. For nine months in 2021, his MLM, Black Oxygen Organics (BOO), sold four ounce bags of dirt dug up from an Ontario peat bog—for $110 a pop. The company encouraged buyers to “Drink It. Wear It. Bathe In It,” according to reporting by NBC, claiming the substance could detoxify the body and had multiple health benefits.

That was until a coalition of anti-MLM activists banded together to raise awareness of what they believed were the dangers of consuming fulvic acid, leading to a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and a class action lawsuit against the company.

But earlier this month, Saint-Onge appeared in a launch video for Lovvare, a new beauty and wellness MLM. In it, the company’s CEO John Altshuler announced Lovvare would soon be launching a new product—a powder called ‘Fulvic Essentials+’, formulated by Saint-Onge. The powder contains a “proprietary blend of fulvic, humic and beetroot,” according to the company’s website.

(The company already offers a topical product called ‘MudTox+’, a “humic/fulvic black powder” extracted from peat which sells for $49.99.)

In the video, Altshuler touted what he claimed were the many benefits of consuming the fulvic-humic acid blend.

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