Tom Cruise’s Reported Colossal Donations To Scientology Makes Dwayne Johnson’s $22.5M Black Adam Salary Look Like Peanuts

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Tom Cruise, known for his contribution to Hollywood and for saving the theatrical distribution business in more recent times, has also contributed a part of his life’s journey to the Church of Scientology. As indelible as his career has been in this industry, the other aspect of his identity has remained as much a subject of controversy and grievance among the public today as it was more than 20 years ago. With time, his involvement in the Church’s activities and the mysterious status surrounding it became a thing to be deciphered by numerous journals, journalists, and publications.

For almost the past four decades, Tom Cruise has essentially been the most coveted and consistently successful leading man in the film industry. Every project that lies between 1986’s Top Gun and his most recent film, 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick has been one of the highest-grossing critical and commercial hits at the box office and apart from the rare duds here and there, Cruise has never failed to reign at the very untouchable heights of the industry.

With such a magnitude of success and fame also comes a level of exposure and scrutiny. The exposure helps his connection with the Church of Scientology, a great marketing strategy, and the scrutiny equally helps to keep the Church’s image in check. And in one of the innumerable reports that have been published over the years involving Cruise and his relationship with Scientology, there have been claims made that the actor has donated more than $25 million to the religion since his time there, an amount that overshadows even the salary of the world’s highest-paid actor for his latest film at one of the biggest movie franchises in existence.

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