This OnlyFans Star Was Once Part of a Fanatical MLM Cult. “I Was Forced Into Celibacy.”

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But nearly five years ago, Strella was $25,000 in debt and barely surviving under the tutelage of a bizarre MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme that she describes as running like a strict religious cult.

At one point, Strella was required to become celibate, labeled a sex addict, and encouraged to see a trauma counselor to cure her.

Strella opened up about her harrowing experience in an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur in hopes of helping others avoid her missteps.

“This wasn’t like being a Mary Kay lady,” she says. “There was a much deeper immersion of experience that many people in multilevel marketing companies have never had. This was deeply personal. It was about restructuring and reshaping you as an individual.”

How the recruiting worked

Strella was finishing her college undergraduate degree when her brother approached her to make some money on the side, recruiting people to sell products for Amway, which makes health and beauty products.

She agreed, partly because she needed the money but also because she saw it as a way to reconnect with her estranged brother. But what she (and her brother) had no way of knowing was that she was about to give her life away to a manipulative MLM scheme.

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  1. Some MLMs become cults when the founder/leader becomes dictatorial without any meaningful accountability or boundaries and uses coercive persuasion to control, manipulate and exploit his or her MLM followers.

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