This Neo-Nazi Gets Paid to Groom Children. Who’s Supporting This?

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WHEN NEO-NAZI JON Minadeo II encounters children on the video chat platform Omegle, one of two things typically goes down. Either: Minadeo subjects the kid to a torrent of abusive slurs like “f-agg-t”; “k-ke”; and the n-word. Or: He coaxes the child into making a heil Hitler salute, and attempts to groom them into adopting, and even promoting, his rancid ideology of racism and antisemitism.

Whatever the case, Minadeo creates a spectacle. The white supremacist live-streams these video chats for the grotesque amusement of his followers, and to rake in cash from fan donations.

Minadeo, as revealed in his own words, is a Hitler-loving troll and hate influencer who wraps his white-power beliefs in layers of irony. He is the leader of a neo-Nazi network calling itself the Goyim Defense League. That name itself is a curdled sendup of the Anti-Defamation League. (“Goyim” is a Hebrew word for a non-Jew, sometimes used as an insult.)

Minadeo, 40, dresses like a hipster, with a high-fade haircut and a close cropped beard; he goes by the online handle HandsomeTruth. His long history of hate speech got him booted from mainstream social media platforms like YouTube. So Minadeo started his own video service, GoyimTV, where he is the “star” creator.

To reach his unsuspecting young targets, Minadeo incorporates a second video platform called Similar to Chatroulette, Omegle pairs users at random for a series of brief, impromptu video chats. The platform, infamous for its lax moderation, is popular with bored-at-home youth, for whom the site’s supposed 18+ restriction is little obstacle. (Neither Omegle nor its founder Lief K-Brooks, responded to Rolling Stone emails about the neo-Nazi-troll’s misuse of the platform.)

Minadeo has long created controversy — reportedly once getting arrested by Polish authorities for demonstrating Jews outside of Auschwitz — and targeting kids with hate is just the latest, deplorable step in an outrageous career.


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