This A-List Scientologist Is the Church’s ‘Number One Victim,’ Ex-Boss Claims

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When people mention the Church of Scientology, passionate reactions come forward, one way or the other. However, many who have left the controversial organization have shed disturbing details on what happens behind closed doors. We saw it with Leah Remini, we’ve seen it with many other former members, and now, an ex-boss is coming forward with his point of view, including who he believes is Scientology’s biggest victim.

Former Scientologist and The Big Lie: How I Made an Evil Cult Look Good author Mitch Brisker talked about his time in the controversial Church. While he was in it, he served as senior director and creative executive of Scientology’s Golden Era Studios, which is their in-house movie studio that made training videos for Scientology.

During his talk with DailyMail via Newsweek, he spoke about how he believe Tom Cruise is Scientology’s “number one victim.” He said, “Tom Cruise is Scientology’s number one victim. I know people will disagree with me about this but it’s like he’s living in a distorted reality. He’s fully in the matrix.”

He added that it seemed like the Mission Impossible star almost worships the leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige. “They really are like separated at birth. It was almost cute to see them together,” he said. “I think for Tom that’s a genuine friendship and almost worship.”

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