These are the top 10 holdings of the Mormon Church’s $49 billion stock portfolio

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ has an investment portfolio topping $100 billion that includes $49.3 billion invested in stocks.

The portfolio is registered with the SEC under the name Ensign Peak Advisors, and its lack of disclosures over the years recently led to it paying $5 million to settle charges that it went to great lengths to hide its investment portfolio.

The Mormon Church’s investment portfolio wasn’t revealed to the public until 2019, when a former employee of the fund filed a whistleblower complaint, alleging that the fund shouldn’t have tax-exempt status because it doesn’t engage in any charitable activities.

In a “60 Minutes” special earlier this year, the whistleblower said that the church’s investment arm acted as a “clandestine hedge fund” disguised as a charity.

The church reports its stock holdings on a quarterly basis, and a recent 13F filing revealed its top holdings as of June 30. These are the Mormon Church’s top 10 stocks holdings at the end of the second quarter.

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