The Mysterious Woo-Anon ‘Sisterhood’ Tearing Families Apart

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Jason and Jennifer Veras had been together since high school. “We were a loving family. We were a happy family. We barely had any issues throughout our 23 years in a relationship,” Jason said. “Until she brought Liana Shanti into our family.”

Everything changed soon after Jennifer started following a mysterious online guru who has built a following of women around the world, teaching them to cut ties with their “family cult” and to save their children from a ruling class of evil reptilian creatures who created the COVID-19 “scamdemic”—a Luciferian plot to harvest innocent souls.

First, Jason said, Jennifer changed her diet—raw vegan and juice cleanses. Then she started spending hours every day meditating alone in the backyard and listening to her spiritual teacher’s audio classes.

Over the next few months, he claimed, Jennifer became increasingly paranoid and started espousing conspiracy theories. The COVID vaccine changes people’s DNA, she told him. And people who got the shot could shed the vaccine on others. She insisted they had to cut ties with anyone who had been vaccinated. Jason said she kept telling him they needed to leave California; soon the government would force every unvaccinated adult and child into concentration camps; they had to move to Florida where they would be safe.

At Jason’s birthday dinner in May 2021, his mother shared that she’d been vaccinated. His wife was furious. Jason, 41, said Jennifer, 41, accused him of knowingly exposing their children to vaccine “shedding.”

A week later Jason returned to their home in Modesto, California, to find their sons, ages 7 and 10, alone. According to Jason, the boys said they were hungry and that their mom had gone with their 15-year-old sister to the family lake house, a 45-minute drive away. Jason called and texted Jennifer several times. He accused her of neglecting and endangering the kids and questioned her mental state, based on what he believed to be strange changes in her behavior.

Jennifer came home, took the boys, and left. Jason said Jennifer didn’t tell him where they were going or how long they would be gone. He soon found out that Jennifer had sent a letter to her mother saying she no longer wanted a relationship, and that she had filed a restraining order against Jason—citing his angry text messages—and obtained full custody of their children.

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  1. Online gurus are proliferating on and profiting from social media platforms. Becoming an object of worship to make money seems to be their business model.

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