The Cult Education Institute now has a new subsection devoted to author Steven Hassan

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Author Steven Hassan, who writes and speaks about groups called “cults,” has a personal history of cult involvement. Hassan was in the Unification Church (“Moonies”) founded by Sun Myung Moon for two years in the 1970s. And his origin story includes a dramatic “deprogramming” intervention arranged by his parents.

But Hassan has a penchant for exaggerating his importance and embellishing his CV with misleading claims.

Many people have been hurt by Steven Hassan and some have spoken out about this periodically. Hassan was admonished by his licensing board for unethical conduct.

The Cult Education Institute (CEI) has received regular complaints about Hassan, concerning his excessive fees and bad behavior. For this reason CEI has had a disclaimer posted for some years.

Now CEI has a subsection devoted to Steven Hassan, which includes informative reports and court records.

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