Ten Lesser-Known Ponzi Schemes from History

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Ponzi scheme”? For most of us, especially in this day and age, the story of Bernie Madoff comes to mind. In even more contemporary times, your mind might run across a story like that of Sam Bankman-Fried, the now-disgraced founder of FTX who bilked billions from unsuspecting investors in a deeply complicated scam. Or perhaps if you’re a history buff, you’ll think back to Italian con artist Charles Ponzi, who was so prolific at scams and schemes back in the 1920s that he lent his name to the phrase we still use a century later.

But interestingly, there have been a million more Ponzi schemes carried out across history far beyond the well-known ones you are thinking of now. And in this list, we’ll take a look at a bunch of them. These ten Ponzi schemes will shock you for how brazen and bold they were—and make you thankful you didn’t lose any of your hard-earned cash in the process!

Content retrieved from: https://listverse.com/2023/12/03/ten-lesser-known-ponzi-schemes-from-history/.

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