Six actors who hate Tom Cruise: “He’s got very nice teeth, but has he ever read a book?”

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Based on nothing but the fact his two highest-grossing movies were released this side of 2018 and he’s been a fixture of the industry A-list since the summer of 1986, it would be fair to say Tom Cruise remains as popular with audiences and bankable with studios as ever.

Having pivoted away from even contemplating discussing his private life in a public setting since the Oprah debacle over a decade and a half ago, his persona has far outstripped the person as the number one selling point of any film bearing his name.

Audiences have been conditioned to expect a certain level of dedication, commitment, and death-defying antics from the long-tenured superstar, but he isn’t quite as universally beloved as four decades of continued and almost uninterrupted success would suggest.

In fact, there are several actors – not all of whom have even worked with him directly – who don’t hold him on a particularly high pedestal, reiterating that not even the brightest stars in the business shine so brightly that everybody becomes blinded by the glare.

Six actors who hate Tom Cruise:

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