‘She is Satan’s bride’: Ruby Franke’s husband describes wife’s bizarre beliefs as she fell under the thrall of a messianic ‘cult leader’ who had visions of riding a giant lion

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Parenting influencer Ruby Franke will serve up to three decades in prison for abusing her children in a “concentration camp setting” — after the abusive underpinnings of her highly-cultivated Mormon mommy vlogger persona from the once popular “8 Passengers” channel on YouTube finally caught up with her.

In August 2024, Franke’s emaciated and wounded 12-year-old son — referred to as “E” for privacy reasons — escaped from a residence where he had been starved and bound with duct tape. The youngest Franke, a 10-year-old girl — referred to as “R” — was found in a similar condition after the boy found help and police searched the house.

In newly-released police audio and video files, Kevin Franke — Ruby Franke’s husband — reveals some shocking hindsight warning signs and cracks in the facade.

“Have you found the pen papers?” Kevin Franke asked Washington County investigators in a follow-up interview after he had already been ruled out as a suspect. “Ruby wrote detailed notes of everything.”

The ancillary interview was being conducted, police said, to ferret out information about the “dynamic” between Ruby and co-defendant Jodi Hildebrandt, who is serving the same sentence after both women pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree felony child abuse in December 2023. They were each originally charged with six counts.

Hildebrandt is a wellness warrior and the founder of ConneXions Classroom, a human potential movement-like self-help group which Ruby Franke increasingly latched onto as both the image and reality of the happy Franke family dissolved before the internet’s eyes.

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